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    Camping And RV Discounts

    Even if you have lived your entire life in a big city, the urge to get out into the open, fresh air can strike at any time. There is nothing better than finding an out-of-the-way location to enjoy the sounds of nature in tent or RV. Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature but when you decide to take that first trip, you may be overwhelmed by the camping supply list you create. Although there are some things that will be a necessity when you camp, there are also things that you can do without.


    The most important thing you will need when you decide to camp is shelter. This can be in the form of a tent or an RV. If you choose to camp in a tent, you want to choose one that is slightly larger than you think you need. You will need room to store things in the tent as well as room to sleep. One way to save money is to borrow a tent from a friend or family member or you can purchase one at a local camping warehouse. If you aren’t quite ready for that type of “roughing it,” consider a rental RV. Although an RV rental will cost much more than the purchase of a tent, if you aren’t comfortable sleeping inside a thin layer of nylon, your vacation may be much more enjoyable with an RV.

    Sleeping Camping Gear

    If you choose to go on RV trips, sleeping gear will be determined by the type of beds in the RV. You will only need linens, like sheets, blankets and pillows. If you plan to sleep in a tent, you will need to invest in a sleeping bag. If the weather will be warm, you want to choose a sleeping bag that is lightweight. You can also find all-weather sleeping bags at camping outfitters that are slightly more expensive but eliminate the need for multiple sleeping bags. You will also need a camp pad or air mattress. You can find camp pads that will roll nicely for travel at an outdoor camping store that will work well. An air mattress will give you more support but because they have little insulation, you could feel cold when you are trying to sleep.

    Camping Gears for Cooking

    The next thing you will need to collect is cooking utensils for your trip. Although a rental RV will have a stove and refrigerator, you will still need to pack pots, pans, plates and utensils. Some camping warehouse locations have pots and pans designed specifically for a campsite. If you are using a tent, you will need to use a two-burner propane camp stove which can be found in any camping gear catalog or department store. You can even purchase coffee pots that are designed for use with the stoves. Bring extra cans of propane and a lighter. The cooler you use to take to the beach or family barbecues should work fine but keep in mind you will need one large enough for perishable food items along with beverages and ice. Remember that there will be clean-up duty so pack a sponge, dish soap and a small washtub to clean dishes after meals. Other camping gears to remember include bottle and can openers, cutting boards, food-storage containers, bowls, mugs and cups. You can use disposable plates, bowls and utensils to save on cleaning up as well.

    Time for Relaxation

    While you are at camp, you will want to relax as much as possible. Consider adding a hammock for a nice afternoon nap under the trees. Folding camp chairs are also a great addition whether you are at tent or RV campgrounds. The camp chairs can be used while sitting around the campfire on a cool night or relaxing by a babbling brook during the day. Since they fold easily, you can take them with you as you explore the areas around the campground.

    Camp Clothing

    The clothes you pack totally depend on where the campground is located. If you will be at a beach campground in the middle of summer, lightweight clothing works just fine. If you plan RV trips in the mountains where you will be hiking and exploring, you want to bring warmer clothing, especially for nighttime, and sturdy hiking boots. Be sure to include slip on shoes to wear in the camp shower if you decide to tent camp or for late-night trips to the bathroom.

    Toiletry Camping Gear

    Camping outfitters recommend several items that are necessary for personal use while on your trip. Pack a first aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes. You can find ready-made first-aid kits specifically for a camp vacation at almost any outdoor camping store. You will need towels, washrags, soap and shampoo even if you are using a rental RV. Be sure to pack toilet paper and paper towels as well whether you are in travel trailer rentals or using a tent.


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