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Simple Landlords Insurance

Simple Landlords Insurance was established 10 years ago, and was one of the first brands to take specialist landlords insurance online to a mass market.

Renters Insurance Discounts

Who’s protecting your personal property when you move into a new apartment? The property owner most likely has insurance. However, this policy only covers the structure. It doesn’t extend to your new home entertainment system you’ve saved up for. Renters insurance might.

What Get Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance plans could protect you from personal property losses in the case of fire or other damage. They can also protect you from loss when there’s a break-in. As a renter in a multi-unit structure, consider getting a policy that covers liability. If your bathtub overflows and causes problems to the downstairs neighbor’s apartment, some renters insurance programs will pay for the damage.

More About Renters Insurance

What Does Renters Insurance Coverage Include?

Your individual policy determines the details of your coverage. Cheap renters insurance policies allow you to take out some elements of coverage to save money. The best renters insurance programs also enable you to do the opposite and boost specific areas of coverage.

  • Belongings. Anything you own as a renter should be covered. If an apartment fire happens, someone steals your belongings, or a third party vandalizes your dwelling, the policy enables you to replace belongings without suffering financial losses. Renters insurance plans usually don’t cover floods or earthquakes. You might need a separate policy for these events.
  • Liability. We already talked about the damage you cause to another’s apartment because of personal negligence. Please note that this type of coverage doesn’t extend to business pursuits, such as running a daycare out of the apartment.
  • Living expenses. A good renters insurance quote should include a loss-of-use clause. For example, if there’s an apartment fire, it may take the property owner a week or so to make repairs and restore habitability of the unit. In the meantime, you have to live somewhere else. This insurance clause may cover a hotel stay complete with food and similar expenses.

Are There Renters Insurance Discounts I Could Qualify For?

The best renters insurance policies offer discounts. However, you may have to ask for them. The easiest way to reduce your renters insurance quote is by agreeing to insure your car as well. Companies offer discounts to customers with multiple policies.

Besides that, insurance companies frequently offer discounts to customers who agree to have their premiums automatically withdrawn each month from a checking account. In the same way, you might be able to save a percentage if you pay the cost of the entire policy up front.

The best renters insurance policies also allow for reductions if you can prove that there are safety measures in place. For example, if you live in a gated community, on the top floor, or have a monitored burglar alarm in your unit, some companies might offer cheaper rates.

How Difficult is it to get a Quote for Cheap Renters Insurance?

You could decide to shop around on your own. But do you really have the time to visit a variety of insurers’ websites and read their policies? Moreover, do you want to spend time on hold as you try to clarify details?

Insurance companies also have a reputation. Once you have narrowed down your selection, do you have the time to check it out?

Employee And Member Discounts can take the effort out of buying good-quality renters insurance coverage. Experts there researched discounts, policy highlights, and other information you need to make a decision. You owe it to yourself to take a look!

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