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Medical Alert Discounts

As you get older, you are more likely to suffer an accident in your home. In fact, research shows that adults aged 85 or older are five times more likely to experience a fall than those who are 65 to 74. Experts say that older adults fall more often due to vision loss, weakened muscles and the increase in chronic conditions as people age. This does not mean that older people need in-home care or that they must move to assisted living to keep themselves safe. With today’s technology, it is now possible with medical alert systems for senior citizens to have 24-hour care without imposing on family or going to the expense of in-home care.

What is a Medic Alert System?

A medical alert system provides emergency monitoring not only when you are home but when you are running errands or traveling. The medical alert signals emergency personnel when you have a medical emergency, such as when you fall or injure yourself in any way. In addition to notifying first responders, a medical alert system for elderly people can also notify family members or caregivers.

More About Medical Alert Discounts

Monitoring Around the Clock

One of the benefits of medical alert devices is that they provide monitoring 24-hours per day. They can be used to help you track your medication as well as notifying first responders that you have an emergency. If you miss a medication or, if as sometimes happens with older people, you take too much of a medication, the system will not only let you know but notify an emergency contact that you have setup in the system.

Emergency Assistance

If you fall somewhere in your home, you may not be close enough to a phone that you can call 9-1-1. This means that you could be incapacitated until a friend or family members comes to visit. With a medical alert system, you can press the help button wherever you are in your home and call for assistance. Medical alert systems for seniors provide either a wearable device or an app on a smartphone that can be carried or worn at all times. If you fall, begin to feel sick or need help of any kind, you can reach someone easily.

Additional Features

A medical alert for seniors may also provide additional features. Some offer the ability to set alarms that act as wake up calls. Some, like Life Alert, also offer a check-in feature that has someone call to check in with you to be sure you are doing okay. You can also add features like carbon monoxide detectors and other household items to your medic alert program. As technology advances, so do medical alert devices.

Affordable Option

A medical alert system for elderly family members is far less expensive than in-home caregivers. In addition, the extra benefits, features and feeling of safety a medical alert system offers is well worth the cost. In fact, a medical alert system for seniors is significantly less expensive than assisted living or a hired caregiver. You may also be able to find medical alert discounts as well.

Independence and Peace of Mind

One of the best benefits of a medical alert system for seniors is the ability to remain independent for as long as possible. A medical alert, like Life Alert, provides similar care that a caregiver or assisted living offers. You are able to remain in your own home without the need for someone else to come in and help you. You are also not relying on family members so they can continue to live their own lives without worrying about you. A medical alert system for seniors also provide peace of mind, not only for you, but for your friends and family as well. You will have immediate access to care when they need it and can remain in their own comfortable home.


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