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Prescription Discounts

There’s little doubt that the cost of prescription medications is rising. For some consumers, these expenses can make the difference between buying the medicine and passing on it. With the legwork that Employee And Member Discounts has done on your behalf, you might not have to do so any longer. Learn about prescription discounts today.

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Store Rewards Programs Include RX Discount Codes

Several stores have begun a brand-specific pharmacy discount program. There are different requirements to qualify for prescription discounts. Frequently, you need to sign up for a membership card to the store, which allows the marketing department to track your buying behavior. In return, you qualify for savings on products and prescriptions.

You can boost your savings with a pharmacy discount card. This allows you to receive savings in addition to what the pharmacy offers you as part of its program. However, to receive a discount prescription card, you have to find a product that works for you – and is worth the investment.

More About Prescription Discounts

Prescription Discount Card Programs Offer Savings

You can enjoy a pharmacy discount without signing up for a store program by applying for a discount prescription card. Several programs offer to save you up to 60% or more on the cost of the medications. In some cases, the plans are free to join. They act as third-party intermediaries and encourage you to go through them – rather than your insurance company – when making the purchase.

Some programs benefit from this consumer decision because they receive higher payments from drug companies as referring agents. They then pass the savings on to the consumer as a prescription discount. But before you make the decision to hand over the savings card to the pharmacist, be clear on what is covered.

Some discount prescription programs limit your access to specific drugs only. Others require you to buy generic or brand names only. This may affect you co-payment and actually raise prices. Knowing ahead of time what’s in the fine print is essential to realize the savings that you’re looking for.

Discount Prescriptions with Manufacturer Promo Codes

Have you seen the prescription drug commercials on television? Often, there’s a clause that states the manufacturer might be able to help you if you can’t afford to pay for the prescription drug. Typically, this is the case with medications that the insurance company may not pay for.

Examples include weight loss medications and similar products. When you visit the drug manufacturer’s website, you have the option of signing up for a prescription discount card. In some cases, it requires you to fill out a questionnaire and disclose some personal information. You typically also agree to opt in to an email list that allows the manufacturer to market to you directly.

In return, you receive pharmacy discounts that might make the prescription drug more affordable. For example, someone without insurance may save up to 50% on the drug. Someone with insurance can still save 25% or more, depending on the program and the manufacturer.

These discount prescriptions will only continue for as long as the manufacturer decides to run the program. It’s not unusual to have to renew the discount prescription application every so often.

How Employee And Member Discounts Helps You Get RX Discounts from Your Local Pharmacy

Does it sound like a lot of work to research your pharmacy discount card? Besides that, do you not like the idea of giving out personally-identifying information to receive a prescription discount? At Employee And Member Discounts, staff members have already done the legwork for you. They tell you what’s hot, what’s not, and how you can find the best pharmacy discounts around. Learn more about your options today, and start to enjoy your RX discount now.

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