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Welcome to tink, your platform for smart products make your home smarter and more efficient. On this page, you will find the most important selected products from the Connected Home sector, as well as further detailed and independent expert reviews. The platform offers you the most suitable solution for your home, especially in the areas of security, heating efficiency and entertainment. And the best part is – you can control it all with an app from your smartphone. Detailed installation videos of all the products you need are provided from a selection of Plug & Play products that are easy and quick to set up.

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Home Automation Discounts

Today, home automation makes it easier to have a home like the 1960’s cartoon “The Jetson’s.” You may think that home automation products are too expensive for your home but these suggestions are actually many components that you can place in your home that won’t destroy your budget.

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Smart Outlets

Home automation devices that are fairly inexpensive are smart outlets. These are extensions to your regular outlets that provide more control over your appliances and other devices plugged into them. The plugs operate using an app on your phone that allows you to turn the outlet on and off from anywhere. No more worrying about whether you left the coffee pot on as you can simply turn the outlet off from your phone when you get to the office. You can also turn lights on and off when you are not home to make it less appealing to burglars. Smart outlets can be purchased online for as little as $12 each.

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Smart Hub

Home automation products can connect to the internet easily but if you want them to talk to each other, you will need a smart hub. These act as a connector between individual smart-home products that allow you to control them from one location. There are smart hubs available that will allow you to connect many different smart devices, even if they are not from the same manufacturer. These are often less expensive than home automation systems with expensive hardware and limited accessories.


There are many low-cost smart thermostats available that will allow you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere. You can turn the heat down while you are at work and raise the temperature from your smartphone when you leave the office so your home is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home. You can also program the thermostat so it knows when you are home or when you will return, allowing it to adjust the temperature for you.


Video doorbells are growing in popularity, allowing you to see who is at your door even when you are not home. When someone rings the doorbell, you are notified by an app on your phone so you can interact with your visitors through a camera in the doorbell. These are relatively inexpensive as well as a home automation solutions for home security. The doorbells allow you to monitor the front of your home should you be expecting packages or if someone arrives at your home unexpectedly.

Voice Assistant Products

There are several options for voice assistant products that allow you to control your home through software using your voice. You use a web browser or app that allows you to control your lights, appliances or home automation systems for security using your voice. In some cases, you can interface the voice assistant products with your current systems or you can install new systems for home automation.

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