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Garage Doors And Openers Discounts

A garage door should last for decades while some companies offer lifetime warranties so you may never have to look for replacement garage doors. However, if you are building a new home or your garage doors have been damaged in some way that is not covered by the warranty, these tips can help you choose the right garage doors for your needs.

Select Durable Materials

Replacement garage doors made of real wood look beautiful when they are installed but require a significant amount of maintenance. They need to be resealed every few years and, if you wait too long, you may have to sand down the doors and refinish them. Today, it is possible to get the look of wood and avoid the maintenance by choosing embossed steel with a wood-grain finish. For a slightly higher cost, you can also find doors with a wood composite overlay or fiberglass skin that are more durable than real wood.

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Replace Your Opener

If you are replacing a garage door, consider replacing your garage door openers at the same time. If you have an older garage door opener, it may be showing its age. Today, you can get garage door openers that are much quieter than they were a few years ago and they are also available with new features. You may even be able to negotiate a package deal if you install both the garage door openers and doors at the same time.

Pay Extra for Stronger Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs are what help the door go up easily and come down slowly. Most doors use torsion springs that are rated for about 10,000 cycles. Although this sounds like a lot, if you put your garage door up and down six times a day, you will reach that cycle in about five years. Instead, choose garage door springs with 20,000 cycles which will probably only cost an extra $50. You’ll get twice the life out of the springs at a very low cost.

Choosing Garage Door Remotes

If you are replacing both the doors and the openers, you will need to choose new garage door remotes. You may also need to replace your remote if something has gone wrong with your old one. It is possible to find universal garage door remotes that can be programmed for any garage doors. You just need the manufacturer of your doors for programming. Another option is to replace the opener with a wireless keypad. These are usually mounted outside the garage so family members can enter without the remote. If you frequently have guests who use the garage or family members who don’t have a garage door opener, these can be very beneficial.

Technology for New Garage Doors

Technology for garage doors has come a long way. It is now possible to purchase wifi garage doors that allow you to open the garage from anywhere with a smartphone. This allows you to open the garage door for service technicians, guests or anyone who does not have an opener, even if you are nowhere near your home. Wifi garage doors also let you know if the door is opened manually or if it has remained open too long. If a family member or neighbor uses the keypad, you get a notification from the app. If you leave your garage doors open for any reason, you can program the app to close them at a certain time to avoid forgetting to close them.

Garage Door Service

There may come a time when your garage door needs service. Some of the common reasons for garage door service include replacement of the weather seal, replacement of the springs or broken cables. It is possible that you can replace the weather seal yourself. It is an important service because it keeps your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If you have noticed your garage door makes a lot of noise when it opens or closes, it may be time to replace the springs. This should be done by a qualified garage door service company as the springs are under tension and can cause serious injury if not handled properly. It is also recommended that you have a professional replace the garage door cables should they break as incorrect replacement can damage your doors and cause injury.


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