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Senior Discounts On First Aid Supplies


Fieldtex Cases has been a soft-sided case manufacturer for 38 years and expects to remain in business for a very long time. With an in house design team and over 85 sewing machines, there is no job Fieldtex can’t handle. Beginning in 1996, the company ventured into the First Aid/Medical supplies marketplace.

First Aid Kits And Supplies Discounts

No matter how careful you are at home, on the road or at the office, accidents can happen. For this reason, it is important to have first aid kits in your home, your car and at work. You can purchase ready-made kits at your local store or online but it is just as easy to create your own so that you know it has the items you will need in an emergency.

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Choosing a Container

When creating an emergency kit, you want to choose the right container to keep it in. A large, clear water-resistant plastic box with a latch-top lid or zipper is perfect as the contents will be visible to anyone. If you need to create one that is fairly small, like for your car, you can use a lunchbox or child’s school supply box made of plastic. Zip-loc bags with labels can be used to keep items separated. Be sure to use a permanent marker to clearly label the box as a first aid kit.

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First Aid Supply

Once you have your box ready, you want to collect the first aid supply items you will need. The American Red Cross recommends that you include two absorbent compress dressings and at least 25 adhesive bandages in various sizes. There should be one roll of adhesive tape and five packets of antibiotic ointment. Five antiseptic wipe packets and two packets of aspirin should also be included in the kit. Two hydrocortisone ointment packets and a roll of gauze bandage is also recommended. Sterile gauze pads of various sizes and two triangle bandages should also be in your kit.

Non-Medical Items

First aid kits also need items that may not be considered medical. A small emergency blanket should be included to help someone who may be in shock. A breathing barrier should you need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and a pair of non-latex gloves for protection should also be in your kit. An instant cold compress for sprains and an oral thermometer are beneficial in emergency kits as well. Tweezers and an emergency first aid guide are also important first aid supply items.

Checklist for First Aid Kit

Once your kit is put together, you will want to create a checklist to keep inside for review periodically. Once each month, pull the kit out and go through the checklist to see if anything has been used. If someone has grabbed a band-aid for a cut, you will want to replace it. Because most of the items can only be used once and because some of the medications may have expiration dates, you want to take a few moments each month to be sure all the supplies are there and current.

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